Lunar Cycle

The lunar cycle observance is a fundamental part of spiritual growth and empowerment. Spiritual awareness and understanding is cultivated by focused 21 day meditations of the Neter governing the lunar cycle.

Prepare to sacrifice everything to become the vessel of God on earth, and you will, in turn, receive everything. This is devotion to serving God.

Auset corresponds to one of the tools through which behavior is programmed. Through the understanding of the law such programming can be done at will. Ifwe have the tools to program any desired behavior at will, then we can choose to allow only peace and pleasure to manifest as our emotional reactions to all events.

- I know that I am devoted to spirituality for I have given the highest priority in my life to the resurrection of Ausar.

- I am the master of my person. Through trance, I can cultivate any emotion I desire to manifest.

- My ability to cultivate the experience of remorse at will and to apologize in any situation of transgression assures me a solid foundation in my quest to become Ausar.