Law of Herukhuti

Know that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protects, that you will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself!

Reasoning:  If adversity which cannot be avoided is not the cause of suffering that follows our failure to reclaim our  original nature (peace), then we must make spiritual growth our highest priority. If we are one (Ausar),  then I must refrain from doing you wrong (even self-defensively wishing you ill) to avoid doing me wrong— the key to justice and protection from others.    

Herukhuti Truisms:

I realize that I have the power to force my person to ignore my emotions to ensure that my life will be a  reflection of Divine Law.    

I am not the person, but Ausar, and can therefore transcend the pain of invoking divine retribution agains my person when it transgresses the Law of God.    

I understand that God has ordained a place for all beings in their own time, and will thus, in Its own time  right all wrongs.    

I sow justice towards men and reap it from God.